Is premarital counseling required?

No premarital counseling is required.

Can we write our own vows?

Yes!  To inspire you, please read through these samples.

How many readings are customary? Are there any restrictions on the choice of readings?

Typically there are between 1-2 readings and family members or guests are welcome to read them. There are absolutely no restrictions on readings or how many you can have.

Are there any restrictions on what you will and will not allow in a ceremony?

No restrictions!

Will you conduct the ceremony outside of a house of worship? If so, does that change any of the restrictions?

Because I am a non-denominational officiant, I perform ceremonies everywhere! There are no restrictions.

How long does a typical ceremony?

The length of the ceremony is up to you, but they typically they last about 22 minutes.

Is there a fee, honorarium, or requested donation? Is a deposit required?

There is a fee for officiating a wedding ceremony. You can learn more about my services and fees by clicking here. A $100 retainer is requested to reserve the date and time. The balance is due anytime prior to the start of the ceremony.

Will you be doing other weddings that day? What happens if you’re running late or can’t make it?

During wedding season, it is possible that I’ll have another ceremony. In order to avoid the possibility of running late, I never have two weddings that start within several hours of each other.

Will you lead a rehearsal?

In most cases, your wedding or site coordinator will lead the rehearsal.  For couples that want me to attend, an additional fee will apply.

How many times would you like to meet with us before the wedding?

We can meet as many times as you would like before the ceremony.  We can go over details, have a cup of coffee, or answer any questions.

What authority do you have to perform legal ceremonies?

I am an ordained wedding minister and have full legal authority to perform your wedding ceremony. Click here to view my certificate of ordination.

Will you be able to legally officiate at our wedding location?

I am legally authorized to officiate wedding ceremonies in California and New York. If you live in another state I may have to register as an officiant. There is no additional fee for the extra paperwork.

Can you provide references from couples you’ve married?


When do you sign the marriage license? At the ceremony or beforehand?

I arrive early to your ceremony to go over last-minute details and also complete and sign the marriage license. This allows you to celebrate at the conclusion of your ceremony with no interruption for signing documents.

We are an interfaith couple. Does this pose any problems? Will you be willing to co-officiate.

I perform ceremonies for all couples. Whether you are religious, spiritual, interfaith, or no faith, I officiate ceremonies for everyone.

One of us is divorced. Does this pose any problems?

No problem at all! I am happy to officiate your ceremony.

Is it acceptable to include a pet in the ceremony.

As long as you don’t want to marry a pet, I am happy to include them.

We have children. How will you make them feel part of the ceremony.

There are many ways to include children in your ceremony besides being a ring bearer or flower girl. We can add family vows or include them in the blending of sand.

I’m pregnant. Are you still willing to marry us?

Yes and congratulations!

“We chose Eric to be our officiant for our wedding after reading all the great reviews about him and interviewing him. Just as we expected, he was awesome and delivered a great ceremony! He was very professional, responsive, and a pleasure to work him! He made it very enjoyable for us to plan the ceremony with him with his easy-to-use system and step-by-step instructions. He even gave us detailed instructions on how to apply for and obtain our marriage certificate. He gave us a beautiful ceremony that we will never forget and I’m so thankful he was available to officiant our wedding! I highly recommend Officiant Eric for your wedding!”