Wedding Ceremony Samples

Below you will find a collection of Wedding Ceremony Samples, which will help you and your fiance build your dream wedding ceremony.

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The ceremony samples and selections tool is available to couples I am working with. If you are officiating a ceremony for a friend or family member and need help putting together a ceremony, please contact me to learn about the ceremony preparation package designed for you.

Morgan Stewart & Brendan Fitzpatrick
Morgan Stewart & Brendan Fitzpatrick

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“Eric was great. His website made it so easy to come up with the perfect ceremony script for our wedding. We’ve received so many compliments on how emotional and heartfelt our ceremony was (without it being cheesy!). Eric was super responsive when we were putting our ceremony together, and the whole process was seamless. Writing our vows was definitely one of the most intimidating parts about planning a wedding- but knowing that we could send them to Eric before hand so he could proof read them and make sure they were cohesive, took a lot of the fear out of the process. It also allowed us to keep them a surprise, so they were even more impactful when we said them. We’re really happy we chose Eric to be the officiant for our wedding!!”